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Welcome to the website of GOJA

Consulting for Environment and Sustainable Development! It provides an introduction to our company, our team and the fields in which we operate. If, after reading this site, you want any further information, you are welcome to contact us.

The team of GOJA Consulting specializes in Sustainable Development, environmental policy, and international cooperation, with a focus on urban areas.
We are always looking for new challenges, and enjoy what takes us off the beaten track.

Our main activities

Peer Review / Deep Dive

A significant strand of our work involves peer review processes with cities, towns and regions throughout the European Union.

Sustainable Development in practice

Sustainable Development is not an easy concept. At the best it is interpreted as a compromise between economic, social and environmental interests. GOJA is using a method of Shared Values, or Common Principles, to come to pratical results.

Conference and Network support

GOJA Consulting have a proven record of expert support for international city networks, conferences and seminars. We can help in focussing the subject and theme of your exchange activity.

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