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What we do

GOJA Consulting has carried out a wide range of projects for different contracting organisations. Below is an overview of our main activities. Our expertise is in fact much wider. Read the activities on the page "who we are" and be inspired.

Peer Review / Deep Dive

A significant strand of our work involves peer review processes with cities, towns and regions throughout the European Union.
GOJA Consulting offers intensive peer review processes where a group of cities assess their own policies as a team. GOJA Consulting has developed a methodology for small scale reviews, (“deep dives”) with smaller teams and shorter visits, in cases where the review theme is clearly defined.Read more

Sustainable Development in practice

Sustainable Development is not an easy concept. At the best it is interpreted as a compromise between economic, social and environmental interests. Because the “next generation” is far ahead and its needs are mostly unknown, some cities tend to make midterm plans, and avoid necessary choices.
We have developed a method where the characteristics of Sustainable Development play a crucial role. The more a policy or a project has the same characteristics as Sustainable Development, the more this policy or project contributes to a sustainable city. The method (Sustainability Values/Principles) prevents semantic discussions that often can block practical action.
Sustainability Values were used to develop the Environmental Vision of the City of Vienna. Sustainability Principles are being used as a reference framework for EcoCity Zenata in Morocco. In 2016 the innovative methodology with the Six Principles was HQE-awarded (Haute Qualité Environnementale) as model for EcoCity-development. Zenata was granted with the EcoCity label.
Values and Principles can be used for strategy development, but also for assessment of small and big projects.Read more

Conference support

GOJA Consulting have a proven record of expert support for international conferences and seminars. We can help in focussing the subject and theme of your conference. We can supply you with up-to-date background information (state-of-the-art report). And we can help you find the right international expert speakers. Naturally we can also supply moderation and reporting of the event.Read more